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It's a New Dawn, a New Day!

I love a good adventure as much as the next person, but this one takes the cake, or I guess the steak. Launching our online store has been a whirlwind adventure with lots of steep learning curves. I've always loved cooking as well as photography so the website content itself wasn't a huge undertaking. The website design, blogging and online store however are all completely foreign concepts to me. I will be adding lots of recipes and tips in regards to cooking, what the best cuts of meat for certain purposes are, and my personal favorites as we keep moving forward.

My first big cooking/photography project was a bison wellington. I had a blast with this one, some super helpful friends came over to help with plating, lighting and of course eating. I'm not a big fan of recipes and love the fun of a free for all cooking adventure, I did however take notes as I was going so stay tuned for my Bison Wellington Recipe under the recipes tab shortly.

We were shooting for a nice medium rare in the center and had mashed potatoes, carrot and beet purees as well as asparagus for sides. I did some fancy plating for website but our meals still looked pretty good with nice big portions! I like to slice my wellington about 1.5" thick, this way there is less breaking of the puff pastry. I also used a serrated knife to slice, it's easier to cut the puff pastry as well as the prosciutto and duxelle (mushroom filling) before you're into the actual meat.

If you've made #bisonwellington before please let me know any cool tips or tricks you've found that make it that much better in the comments section. Until next time, eat well!


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