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Growing Pasture Raised Bison since 1998

-   ABOUT US  -


Dalziel Ranches is a multigenerational, family-owned and operated business.  Our family's diverse agricultural background led us to take on the exciting challenge of raising specialty livestock. Gil and Barb began raising bison in 1998 at our Ranch in Northeast Saskatchewan on land Gil's father cleared by hand with an axe starting in 1946 after WWII. Over the years, the Ranch has expanded into Alberta and Jody and Ryan, Gil and Barb's children, have joined the Dalziel Ranches business.


Over the past 20 years, we have developed a market for our animals south of the border. During this time, demand for our animals began to grow in our local community. As a result, our current focus is connecting with local consumers interested in healthy eating and locally sourced foods. 


We take great pride in the growth and health of our pasture raised bison by providing a natural pasture environment.  We use no additives, hormones, or steroids. This results in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and high-quality lean meat for end users. 


From our farm to your table, we hope you enjoy your Dalziel Ranches Bison experience.

We are proud members of NABA (North American Bison Association), CBA (Canadian Bison Association), and  SBA (Saskatchewan Bison Association).

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