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Combo B:   1/4 Bison  $10.25/lb

Combo B: 1/4 Bison $10.25/lb



- High-quality, lean bison meat

- Raised on open pastures and fed a natural diet

- Includes a variety of cuts for all your cooking needs

- Cut and wrapped for convenience



- Lean and healthy alternative to beef

- Rich in protein and nutrients

- Versatile and delicious, perfect for a range of recipes

- Stock up and save money on high-quality meat


 Our 1/4 Bison package is perfect for those who want to stock up on high-quality, lean bison meat. Our bison are raised on open pastures and fed a natural diet, resulting in meat that is lean, tender, and full of flavor. This package includes a variety of cuts, from ground bison to steaks, roasts, and stew meat, providing you with a range of options for all your cooking needs.



  • Approx 100-125lbs of meat cut and wrapped
  • 60lbs of Ground Bison
  • 6 x Roasts (assorted)
  • 10lbs stew /kabob/ stirfry meat (assorted)
  • 10 packages of steaks ( assorted 2 steaks per package)


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