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Ground Bison

Ground Bison


Our lean ground bison is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional ground beef. It's perfect for those who want to enjoy the taste of red meat without the added fat. Our bison is raised on grass and never given antibiotics or hormones, ensuring that you're getting the highest quality meat possible. Use it in your favorite recipes, from burgers to tacos to chili, and enjoy the rich, savory flavor that only bison can provide.



- Lean and healthy alternative to ground beef

- Raised on grass and never given antibiotics or hormones

- Gluten-free and free from additives and fillers

- Sold in 1lb packages



- Enjoy the rich, savory flavor of bison without the added fat

- Know that you're eating high-quality, ethically-raised meat

- Use it in a variety of recipes for a versatile and delicious meal option


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