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Fry Sausage / Brawtwurst/Smokies

Fry Sausage / Brawtwurst/Smokies

C$17.00 Regular Price
C$14.00Sale Price

Our bison fry sausages are the perfect addition to any grill-out or breakfast spread. Made with high-quality bison meat and seasoned to perfection, these sausages are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Plus, they're gluten-free!


Casings that contain pork products.



- Made with high-quality bison meat

- Pre-seasoned and ready to cook

- Gluten-free

- Available in regular or Italian seasoning

- Casings contain pork products



- Enjoy the delicious taste of bison meat in a convenient and easy-to-cook sausage form

- Perfect for grilling, breakfast, or any meal of the day

- Gluten-free for those with dietary restrictions

- Available in two delicious seasoning options to suit your taste preferences.

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