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T-Bone Steak

T-Bone Steak



- Cut from the tenderloin and New York strip

- Comes with 2 steaks per order

- More marbling for a juicy, flavorful meal

- Bone-in for added flavor



- High in protein and low in fat

- Bison meat is leaner and healthier than beef

- Perfect for a special occasion or a hearty meal

- Comes from free-range, grass-fed bison for a more sustainable and ethical choice

  • Product Info

    Our T-Bone Bison Steak is a true carnivore's delight. Cut from the tenderloin and New York strip, this steak is perfect for those who love a hearty, juicy meal. With a bit more marbling than our other cuts, this T-Bone Bison Steak is sure to satisfy even the biggest appetites. And with two steaks per order, it's perfect for sharing with a friend or loved one.


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