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Blackened Sirloin Steak with Brussel Sprouts

Cook time ~25min


-8oz DR Bison Sirloin Steak

-1 bell pepper

-~ 1/2lbs brussel sprouts

-olive oil

-1/2tbs melted butter

-1/2 clove garlic

Spice Rub:

-1tsp chili powder

-1 tsp garlic powder

-1/2tsp paprika

-1/2 tsp cumin

-1 tsp onion powder

-1tsp black pepper

Carrot Puree:

-2 full sized carrots

-1tbs butter

-1/4cup milk or cream

- 1/2 clove garlic

-salt /pepper


Clean and cut all your vegetables. Brussel sprouts: cut off the ends and halve them. Bell pepper: slice and cut into 1/2" pieces. Carrots: chop into 1/4" thick rounds. Garlic: mince or grate. Seasoning combine in a bowl.


1)Boil your carrot rounds for approx. 15min or until fork tender

2)While your carrots boil, coat your steak in the melted butter then fully cover with your seasoning mix. Set aside.

3)Heat large pan to medium high heat to fry brussel sprouts and bell pepper, add 1tbs of olive oil to pan, add your halved brussel sprouts stirring often for 5-6min add salt,

4)add bell pepper and 1/2 clove garlic to same pan. Add salt and pepper continue to cook for another 5 min stirring often but a bit of char on some leaves adds nice depth of flavour.

5)Heat another pan to high heat add 1 tbs of butter. Once hot add steak to pan, sear on high heat ~2.5min on each side, 6)remove from heat wrap in tinfoil and let rest ~5min. *Use meat thermometer to ensure your preferred doneness as stove heats vary. We are looking for medium rare.

7)While steak rests, strain carrots, add to blender along with 1/2 clove garlic, 1tbs butter and 1/4 cup of milk salt and pepper to taste. Blend until smooth.


Place pan fried vegetables down on the plate, slice steak and fan out on top, add carrot puree around the outside and voila Blackened Sirloin Steak with Brussel Sprouts and Carrot Puree.


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