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Not a MisSteak, I'd rather the oven over the BBQ. All season steak eating.

Are you a BBQ steak person or a quick sear and then the oven person?? I'm an oven person!! I like the control and non stop attention. Temperature control, perfect steak every time. We did a little family get together to try out some of the new cuts. We did them all in the oven but tried out a few different cooking techniques to see which way we liked best. Reverse sear, anybody know about that one? It was new to me. We did our T-Bone that way so you actually start this in the oven and then sear it at the end! We pre-seasoned it with some steak spice and salt and pepper .

I preheated the oven to 325F then cooked it low and slow for about 12-13min. Once I pulled it out, I did a quick sear in some butter in my really hot frying pan, just a quick minute on each side and let it rest. We had this with roasted potatoes, veggies, and I used a slab of a compound butter I had made seasoned with garlic, chives, shallots and a bit of Cajun spice.

The results were a nice juicy medium rare. There was still lots of flavor to the meat and we got that nice dark color on the outside. The reverse sear for the win!

The next steak we made was the blackened sirloin. This approach is better for a thinner steak that's more uniform. No oven required, you're going to want to start the overhead fan though... It gets a little smoky with this plan.

So we slathered the steak all up with our favorite seasonings, got the pan super hot, (cast iron is better if you've got one but I have an induction stove so that was out for us). We were generous with the butter and did a couple minute sear on both sides and then let it rest. Nice med rare. This was so juicy!! We did it with some pan fried brussel sprouts and peppers. I think next time I'll add some bacon to those too, because hey what's not better with bacon?

Our third and final steak of the night as we were all getting very full was the tomahawk!!! This is a bone in, handlebar rib steak, we got it cut pretty thick and did the sear first then finished it in the oven. For seasoning just we just did simple salt and pepper, this steak doesn't need any bells and whistles. Quick sear for a minute on each side in some butter, did a little butter baste as well to make sure it was nice and juicy before it went into the oven to finish. Had it set at 325F and went for about 12min after that. This steak was a big hit! I think this cooking technique was my favorite preparation so far.

What's your favorite way to make a steak? What are some unique sides you use? I'd love to hear your ideas. My next big steak cook night I'm going to do some sous vide steaks, I think Santa might be getting me one for Christmas? Fingers crossed!!

Until next time, eat well and be safe!


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